Monday, 13 February 2012

Welcoming the young women participants...Part 2!

Here are the remaining participants coming to London in March:

Nadia Aburaida is a graduate from Abu Dis/ Jerusalem
I'm volunteer with CADFA , I've joined Friendship House since 2006 , I've been to London in 2007 it was the first visit women group to England with CADFA so i'm pleased to visit London again in 2012 .I'm looking forward to seeing my friends in London !!

Nawal Shaheen is a graduate from Al-Sheikh Saeed /Jerusalem:

"I've just finished my BA in business , I hope to find job and work in a bank . I'm very pleased that I'll visit London to tell the people there about our life in Palestine under the occupation. When I have free time I try to cook various Palestinian dishes , I like reading novels and chatting with people from different cultures."

Fatmeh Badran is from the village of Beit Surik in Jerusalem
"I'm a fourth year student at Al-Quds Open University. I study financial and banking science as my major and accounting as my minor. I'm so excited to participate in the exchange of culture because it's first time that I'll visit London and I would like to have new skills from this experience. I hope to apply for a masters degree in Economics in the future!!
I'm looking forward to seeing all of you."
Bissan Shuaiby is a student at the Al Quds University and is from the city of Ramallah:

"I'm second year student at Al-Quds university. I study English Language and Literature as my major and Media as my minor. I would like to share our life and our experience as Palestinian women and I would like to prove that as women and Palestinian women we are capable to speak out about our lives and what we are going through, and I'm going to share our stories that we used to hear from our parents about the occupation and how it started. I want to speak for every woman and I want the whole world to hear their voice and what they are trying to tell them.
Also, I love poetry and I love analysing poems, I love stories no matter what they are and I like to figure out the main point and discuss it. I'm always ready for any kind of discussion! It's my first visit to England but I went 4 years ago to Belgium for cultural exchange so I'm excited to do it again in London. I'm really looking forward to meeting and seeing you all !!"
Samah Fayed is a student from the Jenin refugee camp in Jenin City

'I'm a 3rd year student. I study Nursing at the Arab American University in Jenin. I'm pleased to share this experience to exchange culture and skills with British young women. I hope to get my PhD in Nursing in the future.

I lived many stories of the invasion of Jenin refugee camp in 2002. I've been to Italy,France,Syria , Lebanon and it'll be the first time to London. I'm looking forward to seeing you!"

I can also say...we are all very excited and looking forward to meeting all the young women!!

Please do keep the dates mentioned on the blog in your diary and show your support by coming to our fundraisers and getting involved with the visit.

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