Thursday, 15 March 2012

The British Participants!

As the young Palestinian women are on their flight to London we would like to introduce you to some the young women who will be their buddies and partners for the exchange of skills, in their own words!


"I'm a freelance photographer and a waitress in a sustainable restaurant.
I'm interested in hearing young women of a similar age tell their stories and talk of their experiences.
I studied photography and have a huge interest in the arts, specifically photography and film.
I'm interested in signing and folk music from around the world. Food and cooking is also a passion of mine."


"I'm working on a translation project from Swedish to English about two sisters in Palestine, based on the lives of two women working in Jerusalem and around the region.
I'm editor and writer for SOAS student magazine 'For'em' - I would love to document the exchange and write about it for 'For'em Magazine' and for 'London Student'."


"I just finished university last year where I was studying Arabic and French and now I'm working as a translator as well as volunteering for CADFA and for another charity which works with refugees. I am very interested in Palestinian culture and really want to improve my understanding of the region and its people before hopefully going there myself! In my spare time I like to swim, practise meditation and read and I am passionate about cooking!"


"I'm currently doing my MA in gender studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies.
I love travelling and dancing. I have lived for three years in India and one in Guinea-Bissau working for the Portuguese Development Agency. Living in Asia and Africa has been one of the most important enlightening experiences of my life, specially in terms of being able to listen to many different women's voices/ experiences."


"I'm currently doing my MA in Intelligence and International Security at King's College London with a particular focus on Palestine and the Middle East. I am from the United States but I am over here in London pursuing my MA. I took part in CADFA's A Look At Our Lives last year and I enjoyed meeting the students from Al-Quds University. My interests are sports and travelling. I am looking forward to meeting everyone."


"I'm studying Social Anthropology and Study of Religions at SOAS with a focus on the Middle East and Islam. I'm French but I mostly grew up in Manchester in the North of England and I am now living in London. I love travelling, reading and languages.

I'm new to CADFA and I can't wait to meet everyone from Palestine and the UK!"


"I'm studying human rights law masters at Birkbeck, my mother is originally Irish and my father Egyptian. I am so excited to meet all the women involved in this, from the UK and Palestine!
I love cooking, I do muay thai kickboxing (nearly at my 2nd belt) and I can't wait to learn dabke :)"


"I am 24 and have been living in Hackney for about a year, working for a community garden project in northeast london that works with refugees, asylum seekers, mental health service users. I am involved in working for Traveller rights in the UK, specifically resisting the racially motivated eviction of the Irish Traveller community at Dale Farm.

I have a strong interest in gender equality issues, and researched Islamic feminism for my dissertation. I have been interested in the Palestinian struggle particularly since I moved to the UK in 2005, when I was able to explore the issue outside of the pro-Israel "consensus" where I went to school in Ohio, leading to my participation in the Gaza Solidarity Cambridge University occupation of 2009."

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