Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hopes, Fears and Expectations for the Visit Ahead...

We're hoping ...

"To give a clear picture of Palestine in general and Palestinian women in particular." - Nadia Abu Raida
"To make our targets clear to everyone, and to make a difference - even if just  a small one - to people's thoughts, or even beliefs, about Palestine." - Bissan Shuaiby
"To share our experiences and skills and create new friendships here." - Hanin Abu-Khiram

Our fears are that ...

"There might be problems or misunderstanding between women in the group." - Nawal Shahen
"We'll be under a lot of pressure." - Nadia Abu Raida
"It will rain and be cold all the time!" - Nadia, Bissan, Saida, Isra'a
"We have no fears; we are brave women" - Haya Lahadi

We expect the results of the visit to be ...

"A good website with real stories, pictures and videos- information which you can’t find on other websites." - Nadia Abu Raida
"That we will learn a lot of things about British women, their culture and tradition." - Nawal Shaheen
"A good, yet stressful, trip that will bring a lot of benefit and be a new stage in my life." - Hanin Abu-Khiram

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