Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day Seven: Puppets and Primark

By Safaa Usmani (Samah's buddy, purple group)

Esra'a, Fatmeh, Samah and Safaa prepare their animated film
The puppet workshop this morning was great! Really interesting to learn a new skill and it seemed to follow on well from the puppet workshops from the weekend. I think most the girls used similar stories for their 20 second animation. Things were kind of messed up when we lost half of our group to the school next door, so we couldn’t finish everything. Me and Fatmeh worked on shooting the scenes and putting the animation together on the computer. Samah helped a bit at the end. Everyone got a bit agitated near the end of the session because we weren’t given a break and everyone was so hungry!

After the workshop we all went together to Oxford Street, all of the guests and the buddies, whereby everyone spent 3 hours in Primark (I couldn’t believe it), whilst I sat in Pret a Manger to do some coursework.

In the evening Fatmeh, Samah and Nadia attended a meal with Scott from the Newham-Jenin group, which was a great success.

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